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Exposure and health assessment in workers manufacturing cerium and lanthanum oxide ultrafine and nanoparticles check Full Text
Li, Yan 卞鷹 2017. Doctoral
Exposing splicing forgery by supervised learning check Full Text
Liu, Bo Pun, Chi Man 2020. Doctoral
Export and economic growth : the case of China
Mu, Zhuo Jun Chen, Yu 2013. Master
Exponential decay of the remainder of the unwinding blaschke expansion check Full Text
Li, Si Min Qian, Tao 2017. Master
Exploring word embeddings to enhance neural machine translation check Full Text
Liu, Xue Bo Wong, Fai 2021. Doctoral
Exploring women's perceptions of self-positioning in contemporary Chinese societies check Full Text
Sit, Ho Yi Van Schalkwyk, Gertina J. 2017. Doctoral
Exploring third-wave Asian American identity in David Henry Hwang's Yellow Face check Full Text
Gao, Zhi Dan, Ann Appler, Gilbert Keith 2016. Master
Exploring the universal framework for sequence labeling check Full Text
Tong, Yu Guo, Jing Zhi 2022. Doctoral
Exploring the school administrative factors affecting the music programme in the cases of two secondary schools in Macao : the perspective of the music teacher check Full Text
Lai, Man Long 黃素君 2023. Master
Exploring the role of rumination in the relationship between social support and social appearance anxiety
Guo, Ying Chao 陳薇文 2023. Master
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