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Axial bearing capacity prediction of driven piles using artificial neural network
Che, Wai Fong Lok, Man Hoi 2003. Master
Aviation english and its usage at the Macau International Airport
Hong, S. H. 2004. Master
Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, em busca do passado, presente e futuro
Noronha, Rosa Elfrida Venancio, Jose Carlos 2004. Master
Avatar in China : a cyber-audience discourse analysis perspective check Full Text
Zhang, Bing Tan, See Kam 2011. Master
Autophagy modulators : systematic review and experimental study check Full Text
Dong, Yu 路嘉宏 2020. Master
Automotive engine tuning using least-squares support vector machines and evolutionary optimization check Full Text
Li, Ke Wong, Pak Kin 2012. Doctoral
Automotive engine air-ratio control using online wavelet least-squares support vector machine and fuzzy optimizer check Full Text
Wong, Hang Cheong Wong, Pak Kin 2016. Doctoral
Automotive engine air-ratio control using online time-sequence incremental and decremental least-squares support vector machines and fuzzy optimization check Full Text
Huang, Shao Jia Wong, Pak Kin 2014. Master
Automatically organizing information resources in WWW
Ho, Cheuk Wai 2002. Master
Automatic music transcription system for erhu music = 基於二胡音樂的自動轉譯系統
Xu, Huan Vai, Mang I 2008. Master
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