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Research on personal finance customer preference classification for commercial banks : based on cluster analysis check Full Text
Guan Lei Lian, Zhao Tong 2019. Master
Research on quality traceability system of traditional Chinese medicine based on two-dimensional code check Full Text
Cai, Yong 胡豪 2017. Doctoral
Research on rational use of medicines for outpatients in rural areas of China under the context of the new healthcare reform check Full Text
殷實 卞鷹 2017. Doctoral
Research on Rayleigh-scattering-based distributed optical fiber vibration sensing systems
Liu, Shuai Qi Vai, Mang I 2023. Doctoral
Research on regulation against the abuse of intellectual property rights through the antitrust law : a comparative study focus on patent abuse among US, EU and China check Full Text
Zhuang, Chen Hsiao, I-Hsuan 2017. Master
Research on supply chain game analysis and revenue distribution algorithm based on information sharing behavior incentives check Full Text
Tang, Qian Guo, Jing Zhi 2021. Master
Research on tax law system of employee stock option in Macau SAR : from the perspective of legitimacy of taxation check Full Text
Zhang, Li Fang 涂廣建 2017. Master
Research on technology commercialization of monoclonal antibody : from discovery, development to market access check Full Text
賴雲鋒 胡豪 2019. Doctoral
Research on temperature sensing characteristics of micro-nano fiber interferometer based on different configurations in fiber laser
Lin, Wei Hao Vai, Mang I 2023. Doctoral
Research on the application of valuation adjustment mechanism in premium risk prevention of cross-industry mergers and acquisitions check Full Text
Tian, Run Guo Zhang, Xu 2020. Master
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