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Political connections and cost of debt capital : evidence from China check Full Text
Kuan, Lai San Lee, Byung Hee 2016. Master
Political connections, earnings quality and profitability : evidence in China check Full Text
Ng, Kok Ieng Lee, Byung Hee 2016. Master
Political economy of EU anti-dumping investigation : taking China as a case check Full Text
Zhang, Xin Wang Jianwei 2014. Master
Political legitimacy and trust in the police : a comparison of mainland China and Taiwan check Full Text
Ma, Yong Chao Cai, Tian Ji 2019. Master
Political meritocracy in China : understanding the political selection of provincial elites check Full Text
Yu, Ming Hui Wu, Xiang Ning 2022. Doctoral
Polyamine-responsive morphological transformation of a supramolecular peptide for specific drug accumulation and retention in cancer cells check Full Text
Wang, Zi Yi Wang, Rui Bing 2021. Master
Polymer/carbon nanotube thermoelectric composites and their flexible devices check Full Text
Liang, Li Rong Sun, Guo Xing 2022. Doctoral
Polyoxometalates and polyoxometalate-derived nanoparticles supported by nanocarbon materials and their applications check Full Text
Miao, Jun Tang Zikang 2020. Doctoral
Polyphase decomposition for sigma-delta A/D converters check Full Text
Feng, Daw Sin, Sai-Weng 2018. Doctoral
Polysaccharides based nanostructures for smart payload delivery check Full Text
Gao, Cheng Lee, Ming-Yuen 2019. Doctoral
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