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Lisa Ko's The Leavers : a neoliberal heroine and her Chinese-American son
Chan Ka Weng Appler, Gilbert Keith 2019 Master
Leading hybrid virtual teams : manager's perspective on trust and perceived bias /
Badrinath Preeti Hong, Jacky 2019 Master
A literature review of cybercrime that infringes citizens' personal information /
Cheang Kit Fai 2019 Master
Legal study on valuation adjustment mechanism in private equity in China and the USA /
Du Yong Yi Ramaswamy, Muruga Perumal, Prof 2019 Master
Logistics performance evaluation for key provinces along the "Belt and Road" in China /
Wu Pei Pei Shu, Lian Jie 2018 Master
Lasso and estimation consistency of Tweedie's compound Poisson model with elastic net /
Yao Qiu Ran Xu, Li Hu 2019 Master
The laws and policies for renewable energy industries in China and Germany compared /
Waack Leander Peter Neuwirth, Rostam J 2019 Master
Large n asymptotics of the orthogonal polynomials with discontinuous Gaussian weight /
Deng Man Yao Chen, Yang 2019 Master
Legal problems and regulations of 3D bioprinting of human organs /
Fang An Qi Raposo, Vera Lúcia 2019 Master
A legal study on the diversification of the gaming industry /
Hu Chu Min Godinho, Jorge A 2019 Master

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