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SIFT-based image copy-move forgery detection and its adversarial attacks
Li, Yuan Man Zhou, Jian Tao 2018. Doctoral
Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of novel selective ZAK inhibitors check Full Text
Chang, Yu 張慶文 2017. Doctoral
Chemical constituents from the rhizome of coptis chinensis and their antibacterial activities check Full Text
Meng, Fan Cheng 張慶文 2018. Doctoral
Targeting HIF-1α for drug discovery check Full Text
Yang, Chao Leung, Chung-Hang 2017. Doctoral
Bloom where you are planted : place identity construction of third culture kids check Full Text
Lijadi, Anastasia Aldelina Van Schalkwyk, Gertina J. 2015. Doctoral
Polyphase decomposition for sigma-delta A/D converters check Full Text
Feng, Daw Sin, Sai-Weng 2018. Doctoral
Identification of xanthones to ameliorate metabolic disorders through targeting adipose tissue inflammation check Full Text
Li, Dan Lin, Li Gen 2018. Doctoral
Tradução de obras de Jorge Amado na China : um estudo de relações entre tradução e poder = Translation of Jorge Amado's works in China : a study of relationships between translation and power / by Zhang, Jianbo. check Full Text
Zhang, Jian Bo 姚京明 2018. Doctoral
Aspects of the Fueter mapping theorem check Full Text
Dong, Bao Hua Qian, Tao 2017. Doctoral
New regional multifocus image fusion techniques for extending depth of field check Full Text
Duan, Jun Wei Chen, Long 2018. Doctoral
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