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Immunomodulatory effects of serum amyloid A in host barrier defense check Full Text
Fan, Yu Su, Huan Xing 2020. Doctoral
Investigation of friction surfacing of various stainless steel coatings for corrosion and cavitation erosion resistances check Full Text
Guo, Da Wei Kwok, Chi Tat 2020. Doctoral
Microstructural evolution, corrosion behavior and hardness of friction stir processed stainless steels check Full Text
Pan, Lin Lin Kwok, Chi Tat 2020. Doctoral
Design, control and analysis of integrated DC-DC converters for low power applications check Full Text
Zeng, Wen Liang Lam, Chi Seng 2020. Doctoral
Effects of gender-based faultline strength in corporate boards on strategic decisions : a cross-cultural comparison tale from the West and the East check Full Text
Zhang, Xin He Wu, Jie 2020. Doctoral
The threefold authority of first-person attributions check Full Text
Liu, Yue Dolcini, Nevia 2020. Doctoral
Virtual and experimental screening of bioactive peptides from transcriptomic analysis of several coral species : structural and functional characterization of PcShK1 as a novel protectant against neurodegeneration check Full Text
Gong, Gui Yi Lee, Ming-Yuen 2020. Doctoral
Dealing with strangers in the house : a study on conflicts between Catholics and Chinese non-believers in the late Ming China check Full Text
Sun, Xu Liang Saldanha Antonio Vasconcelos de 2020. Doctoral
A real-time neural spike sorting system and its application on neural decoding check Full Text
Wang, Pan Ke Vai, Mang I 2021. Doctoral
論胡蘭成的文學行動及其影響 check Full Text
張冬明 朱壽桐 2015. Doctoral

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