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澳門社會保障基金制度的制定探討 check Full Text
莫錫堯 蔡幸強 2009 Master
檢察機關提起環境行政公益訴訟制度研究 = Research on the environmental public interest litigation system brought by the procuratorial organ / check Full Text
任淑嬌 蔣朝陽 2017. Master
論情勢變更的適用要件 = Application of the requirements of the principle of the change cricumstances /
黃會 稅兵 2017. Master
The enforceability of China-made ad hoc arbitration awards in China /
Yang, Bo Yuan Mo Shijian 2018. Master
"Pricing arrangements" in online platforms : a new challenge for EU competition law? / check Full Text
Chirindza, Nacita Cirylene Lourenço Neuwirth Rostam J. 2017. Master
我國互聯網中公民隱私權的刑法保護研究 = Research on criminal protection of citizen's right of privacy in internet in China /
馬冠超 趙國強 2017. Master
民事執行制度改革探究: 以葡萄牙執達員職能為視角 = Exploration of cilvil execution system reform : from the perspective of Portuguese bailiff /
遲成鑫 王薇 2017. Master
Conflict of legal parentage in the transnational surrogacy /
Zhu, Shi Zhang 杜立 2018. Master
Environmental disclosure in airline industry : a comparative study of EVA Air and Cathay Pacific / check Full Text
Lau, Mei Ling Noronha, Carlos 2019. Master
Applying financial-based approach to measure brand equity in casino industry : examples from Macao and Las Vegas / check Full Text
Liao, Qi Jia Liu, Ting Chi 2019. Master

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