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Interrogativas em portugues e em chines : descricao, confronto e aplicacao didactiva
Pissarra, Raul Andrade, 1998. Master
Emotional intelligence and decision-making styles in China
Lam, Cheok San Chan, Ka Wai 2005. Master
Human resource practices of Chinese state-owned organizations in Guangdong (empirical study)
Tsao, Chen 2000. Master
Replicating Ou's (1990) information link using Hong Kong data : the prediction of changes in earnings per share
Chan, Chi Seng 2000. Master
The entrepreneur motivation in Macao's garment industry
Cheong, Man Vai Khong, Eva 2006. Master
From data to decisions : a DSS development framework for dealing with uncertainty in management decision making
Han, Zi Tian 1995. Master
A study of job attitudes between local and Chinese immigrant workers in Macau
Kwok, Wai Kei Noronha, Carlos 2004. Master
A study into Chinese agriculture cooperative movement
Li, Hong Sheng 1995. Master
The use of different type of pipe materials as water service in Macau's market
Sam, Son Kuong Antonio, Nelson Jose dos Santos 1995. Master
Comparative management : discussion and an empirical study
Vong, Chuk Kwan 1995. Master
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