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優化澳門旅遊区公廁的作用研究 = Research on optimizing the functions of public toilets in the tourist areas of Macau
韋正愷 邢榮發 2022. Master
澳門中式廟宇的文化推廣價值研究 = A study on the marketing value as a cultural product of the Chinese temples in Macao
朱則思 邢榮發 2022. Master
澳門動漫產業的現狀與問題 = The status and problem of the Macau animation industry
朱嘉駿 吳玫 2022. Master
高美士《澳門傳説》研究 = A study of Lendas de Macau
傅栩 譚美玲 2022. Master
回歸以來澳門入境旅遊客源市場結構演化 : 基於SSM方法的分析 = Structural evolution of inbound tourist market In Macao since its return to China : analysis based on SSM method /
宋佳興 邢榮發 2022. Master
澳門的社團政治與統合主義 : 以澳門青年聯合會作個案分析 = Macao’s social group politics vs corporatism : a case study of Macao Youth Federation
李濟翔 余永逸 2022. Master
Parental attachment and aggression among Chinese adolescents : the mediating effect of self-efficacy
Lu, Jia Qi Li, De 2023. Master
本地新聞報導東望洋燈塔景觀爭議的分析 : 一個公民新聞學的視角 = An analysis of the local news reports on the controversy over the Guia Lighthouse landscape : a civic journalism perspective
李珈瑾 李展鵬 2022. Master
Telecom and online fraud involving minors as victims in China : a literature review and preliminary analysis of judicial documents
Li, Yue Er Zhao, Ruo Hui 2023. Master
National populist movement and Hungarian foreign policy towards China
Li, Xiao Qing Song Weiqing 2022. Master
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