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Policy networks and the development of European Union's research & development policy /
Du Bing Song, Weiqing, 1969- 2012 Master
Probing alterations of cytochrome P450s activities in rat colitis induced by dextran sulfate sodium using testosterone /
Huang Yan Juan 燕茹 2014 Master
Protective effect of a new lead compound in zebrafish model of hemorrhagic stroke /
Ai Na Na Lee, Ming-Yuen 2014 Master
Partial differential equations arising from the gap probability distribution of the finite n Gaussian Unitary Ensembles /
Cao Man Chen, Yang 2014 Master
Profit models in Chinese internet industry : a case study of Alibaba Group /
Jing Qian 2019 Master
Palavras com carga cultural em Antologia da poesia clássica chinesa : dinastia Tang : uma abordagem de tradução baseada na teoria da relevância /
Wang Yi Dan Jatobá, Júlio Reis 2019 Master
Productivity analysis using new measurement of human capital across countries and regions /
Gao Hai Cheng 關峰 2019 Master
Pragmatics and translation : comparison of Chinese and Western "politeness" in Hamlet and its translation /
Leong Ho Ian Venkatesan, Hari 2019 Master
Parade of caiqing on deity's birthdays : study of lion dance in Macau (1921-present) /
Xie Qi Xing 朱天舒, 1969- 2019 Master
A pilot study : the IELTS washback on high-school learners in Macau /
Lai Si Wai Zhao, Guan Fang 2019 Master

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