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Developmental study of human ES cell-derived trophoblast-like cells via chimerization with mouse blastocyst / check Full Text
Fu, Si Yi Xu Ren He 2022. Doctoral
Development of microscale separation techniques for quality control of Chinese medicines /
Chen, Xiao Jia 王一濤 2012. Doctoral
Deciphering the dysregulations in brain and blood of Parkinson’s disease by data integration analysis / check Full Text
Wang, Chang Liang Wong, Garry 2020. Doctoral
Design, synthesis and application of functional fluorescent sensors based on Aza-crown ethers for K+ and curcumin derivatives for NH3 / check Full Text
Song, Guang Jie 陳美婉 2020. Doctoral
Design, control and analysis of integrated DC-DC converters for low power applications / check Full Text
Zeng, Wen Liang Lam, Chi Seng 2020. Doctoral
Discovery of function inhibitors against S100B-dependent malignant melanoma growth and metastasis / check Full Text
Wu, Ke Jia Leung, Chung-Hang 2020. Doctoral
DFT design of 2D materials for multi-functional applications / check Full Text
Geng, Jai Zhong Chan, Iat Neng 2022. Doctoral
Design, analysis, and control of dual-permanent-magnet-excited machine for low-speed direct-drive application / check Full Text
Shi, Yu Jun Zhong, Junwen 2022. Doctoral
Design and fabrication of transition metal oxides as electrocatalysts for water oxidation / check Full Text
Du, Xin Yu Lo, Kin Ho 2022. Doctoral
Design and fabrication of MEMS microheater and its application in gas sensing / check Full Text
Chen, Yu Long Ng, Kar Wei 2022. Doctoral

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