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The relationship between emotional satisfaction and loyalty : the case of Macao's female consumers'role orientations
Cheang, Cheng I Noronha Carlos 2004. Master
Key determinants of customer adoption of internet banking service in Macau
U, U Sang Yuen Chun Yip 2004. Master
黃薇 蘇長和 2004. Master
Financial analysis of Toyota, Honda and Nissan : a comparison approach
Yang, Xiu Qi 2004. Master
史小蘭 吳梅君 2004. Master
小組遠程輔導 (Group Telementoring) 的組織方式在"Intel 社區教育項目"中的應用研究及成員滿意度研究
鄧明茜 謝建成 2004. Master
Perceived machiavellian leadership and job satisfaction : a study of retail bank employees in Zhuhai, China
Zeng, Guo Xiong Cheng, Soo May 2004. Master
Boundary value method with skew-circulant preconditioner for ODEs
Yeung, Choi In 2004. Master
發達城市扶助貧困人口的解決之道 : 以香港為啓示
顧毓靜 劉伯龍 2004. Master
Vocabulary development by high-school students in Macao : a comparative study between teacher instruction and computer input
Wu, Mei Han Xu, Feng Ying 2004. Master
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