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蕭浤 卞鷹 2005. Master
林潤明 卞鷹 2005. Master
鄭艷紅 卞鷹 2005. Master
中國醫藥產業新藥研發創新 (R&D) 策略研究
謝輝 王一濤 2005. Master
裏筱竹 卞鷹 2005. Master
Workflow application and workflow engine
Dai, Zhen Zhong 2005. Master
Trading simulations on stock market by backpropagation learning of artificial neural networks and traditional linear regression
U, San Cho Tam, Sik Chung 2005. Master
Pricing exchange options
Huang, Liang Hai Ding, Deng 2005. Master
Hilbert transform characterization of boundary values of H2 functions
Guan, Li Min, Qian, Tao 2005. Master
An evaluation of financial analysts' earnings forecasts across nine Asian countries
Tian, Shu Gift, Michael Joseph 2005. Master
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