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Development of high-performance neuromorphic architectures for online spiking neural network training
Siddique, Ali Vai, Mang I 2024. Doctoral
Design and implementation of 3D modeling software based on open CASCADE
Zhang, Qiang Vong, Chi Man 2024. Master
Design and implementation of deep neural network-based text-to-image generation system
Niu, Yue Pun, Chi Man 2023. Master
Developing and validating the expanded format of the meaning in life questionnaire check Full Text
Zhang, Si Fan Kam, Chun Seng 2023. Master
Data-driven operation of active distribution networks with incomplete network information
Chen, Ge Song, Yong Hua 2023. Doctoral
Design of bandgap voltage reference for IoT applications
Liu, Cong Lam, Chi Seng 2023. Master
Deep low-resource neural machine translation
Sun, Yan Ming Wong, Fai 2023. Master
Design of ultra-low-voltage relaxation oscillator with high temperature stability for IoT
Yu, Kang Hong Lei, Ka Meng 2023. Master
Design of electrocatalysts for efficient hydrogen evolution reaction
Wang, Kai Xi Hui, Kwun Nam 2023. Doctoral
Design of CMOS low power voice activity detector
Lin, Jin Hai Un, Ka Fai 2023. Master
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