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疫情下澳門在UGC式短視頻中的旅遊形象分析 : 以小紅書APP為例 = Analysis of Macau tourism image in UGC short video after COVID19 pandemic : take Xiaohongshu APP as an example check Full Text
鍾梓柔 吳玫 2023. Master
1781年暹羅赴華使團的籌備工作 = Arrangements for Siam's mission to Qing China in 1781 check Full Text
張毅 茅海建 2023. Master
跨學科 STEM 教育概念框架的系統綜述 check Full Text
廖綺婷 Oon, Pey-Tee 2023. Master
Becoming an English teacher : prompts and challenges in teacher identity development check Full Text
Xiang, Mei Qi 唐小為 2023. Master
澳門私立中小學中文教師專業發展現狀及對策 = Teacher professional development of private primary and secondary schools in Macao : status quo and strategies check Full Text
蔡小彤 陳忠 2023. Master
Investigating the effect of processing instruction and traditional instruction : a case study of the acquisition of English simple past tense among the Macau local junior form students check Full Text
Tam, Chin Hong Wallace, Matthew 2023. Master
張潔新時期小說的"人學"審視 = Analysis on "Ren Xue" in Zhang Jie' s new period novels check Full Text
李靜潤 朱壽桐 2023. Master
Breaking the "modesty cage", being a confident learner : a longitudinal study on Chinese secondary school students' self-efficacy in learning English check Full Text
Li, Jia Jing Wang, Chuang 2023. Doctoral
許鞍華電影(1979-2017)中的女性意識研究 check Full Text
孫啟菲 朱壽桐 2023. Doctoral
The dynamics of classroom participation in a foreign teacher's oral English class for Chinese English-majored students : through the lens of cultural historical activity theory (CHAT) check Full Text
Mi, Yi Jia 唐小為 2023. Master
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