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Analysis of visual-based questions in the physics papers of the 2020-2022 senior high school entrance examinations in four Chinese metropolises : in the view of scientific visual literacy / Wang Chengran. check Full Text
Wang, Cheng Ran 魏冰 2023. Master
Pirataria marítima : uma realidade em três tempos
Ana Isabel Oliveira Roseira Dias Venancio Jose Carlos 2023. Master
O Geverno Lemos e Faria e suas relações com o Senado de Macau (1806-1808/ 1810-1817)
Rogério da Guia de Assis Alves, Jorge Manuel dos Santos 2023. Master
A CMOS hall sensors array with integrated readout circuit resilient to local magnetic interference from current-carrying traces
Zou, Heng Chen 李家明 2023. Master
Design of bandgap voltage reference for IoT applications
Liu, Cong Lam, Chi Seng 2023. Master
Enhancing policy classification with BERT
Wang, Xu Ming Fong, Chi Chiu 2023. Master
Design and implementation of deep neural network-based text-to-image generation system
Niu, Yue Pun, Chi Man 2023. Master
在低碳膳食下短期高強度間歇訓練和中等強度持續訓練的運動喜愛反應 check Full Text
李思琦 孔兆偉 2023. Master
Machine learning in accelerating microsphere formulation development
Deng, Jia Yin Lee, Ming-Yuen 2023. Master
Applying high content screening in the identification of mitophagy modulators and mechanism study
Wang, Yi Ting 路嘉宏 2023. Master
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