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All rivers flow to the sea : a high density wireless power receiver with split-dual-path rectification and hybrid-quad-path step-down conversion check Full Text
Lin, Zi Xiao Lu, Yan 2022. Master
Implementation of a high quality CMUT based on the sacrificial release fabrication process check Full Text
Che, U Kin Pun, Sio Hang 2022. Master
Privacy leakage to destruct gradients in federated learning
Xu, Chong Chao Zhou, Jian Tao 2022. Master
Size-bounded community search over large directed graphs
Yang, Xin Yu Wu, Xiaowei 2022. Master
Bus travel time prediction system for Macau = 澳門巴士行駛時間預測系統
Huang, Zheng Jun Gong, Zhi Guo 2022. Master
A sensing platform and algorithm improvement for rescue robot check Full Text
Du, Yin Xian Wong, Seng Fat 2022. Master
A study on trajectory tracking control of micropositioners based on deep reinforcement learning and adaptive sliding mode disturbance observer check Full Text
Liang, Shi Yun Yang, Zhi Xin 2022. Master
Autoaugmentation and ensemble methods based adversarial image attacks towards robust robot perception check Full Text
Zhuang, Long Wei Yang, Zhi Xin 2022. Master
A study on low-light enhancement and object detection for fault diagnosis robot check Full Text
Chen, Xin Yu Yang, Zhi Xin 2022. Master
A fall pattern recognition based on a wearable fusion sensor located at the waist for the elderly check Full Text
Hu, Xiao Jing Wong, Seng Fat 2022. Master
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