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Three essays on the economics of casino tourism /
Sou, Pek U Siu, Ricardo C. S. 2022. Doctoral
Cell fate specification of definitive endoderm progenitors from human pluripotent stem cells / check Full Text
Zhang, Yu Meng Chen, Guo Kai 2022. Doctoral
Wildly presence of core promoter mutation indicates that abnormal transcriptional initiation contributes to abnormal gene expression in cancer / check Full Text
Huang, Teng Wang, Sanming 2022. Doctoral
Germline variation in human DNA damage repair genes is highly ethnic-specific / check Full Text
Qin, Zi Xin Wang, Sanming 2022. Doctoral
Application of linear time varying model predictive control for trajectory tracking of robot manipulator /
Ding, Zi Qin Yang, Zhi Xin 2022. Master
Spatial-separated curve rendering network for efficient and high-resolution image harmonization /
Liang, Jing Tang Pun, Chi Man 2022. Master
Research on the impact of brand perception in the adoption of battery electric vehicle /
Chao, Chi Ian Fong, Chi Chiu 2022. Master
Investigation on the application of artificial neural networks in analyzing some nonlinear dynamical systems /
Wu, Wen Xin Er, Guo Kang 2022. Master
Principle component analysis by ANN /
Wong, Tin Kei Tam, Sik Chung 2022. Master
Design of FPGA-based and ASIC deep neural network digital accelerator /
Chen, Jia Bao Un, Ka Fai 2022. Master

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