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葦鳴, 1987. Master
羅學德 温健驊 1987. Master
A correlational study on the self concept and employment status among physically disabled in Hong Kong
Tam, Sing Fai Wun, Kin Wah 1987. Master
Insight into method : a cognitive-notional method for the implementation of a semiotic approach in language pedagogy
Brown, Denise 1987. Master
Training by objectives in a disciplined service (police)
Lee, Kwan Tat Yee, Herbert S. 1988. Master
鍾景怡 温健驊 1988. Master
A liberdade de utilizacao das orbitas terrestres, em particular da orbita geoestacionaria por satelites de telecomunicacoes
Ferreira, Pedro Fernando Loureiro Saldanha Antonio Vasconcelos de 1988. Master
醫療與中國醫學法的發展 : 台灣醫學法規之個案研究
陳翔年 1988. Master
陳碧霞 1988. Master
譚錦標 1988. Master
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