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Needs-based and process-oriented listening instruction : a curriculum design project check Full Text
Zhuge, Ning Zhao, Guan Fang 2021. Master
Não fique susto pelo mau tempo : usos particulares da língua portuguese na paisagem linguística de Macau check Full Text
Zhu, Kin Ke Araujo, Gabriel Antunes de 2021. Master
Never-ending faith : popular religious and social changes in rural Hebei, 1900-1990 check Full Text
Jiao, Yang 王笛 2021. Doctoral
Numerical simulations of gravity-driven fingering phenomenon in porous media with finite element methods check Full Text
Bian, Huan Ying Hu, Guang Hui 2021. Doctoral
Nativização de sons e sílabas do português brasileiro por falantes de mandarim padrão check Full Text
Zhang, Wen Yi Araujo, Gabriel Antunes de 2021. Master
Novel materials and methods for PCR enhancement on digital microfluidics check Full Text
Shen, Ren Jia, Yanwei 2021. Doctoral
Nerve growth factor receptor increases the tumor growth and metastatic potential of triple-negative breast cancer cells check Full Text
Wu, Ren Fei Luo, Qian 2021. Doctoral
Novel multi-targeting compounds for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease check Full Text
Ju, Yao Jun Tam, Kin Yip 2021. Doctoral
Novel multifunctional nanoagents for drug delivery and cancer immunotherapy check Full Text
Zhu, Li Peng Zhao, Qi 2021. Doctoral
Naturally occuring triterpenes inhibit expansion of TNFR2-expressing CD4⁺Foxp3⁺ regulatory T cells induced by TNF check Full Text
Zheng, Jing Bin Chen, Xin 2021. Master
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