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Modeling the compound floods upon combined rainfall and storm surge events in a low-lying coastal city / check Full Text
Huang, Hui Gao, Liang 2021. Master
Model development and assessment for spatiotemporal response of rooted soil using genetic programming approach / check Full Text
Cheng, Zhi Liang Zhou, Wan Huan 2021. Doctoral
Methodology development and application of time series analysis in biomedical studies / check Full Text
Zhang, Teng Zhang Xiaohua Douglas 2021. Doctoral
Metacognitive beliefs and procrastination : exploring the role of kindness to self / check Full Text
Lin, Zi He Zhou, Ming Ming 2021. Master
Modeling, analysis and improvement of phase-shifted pulse width modulation for modular multilevel converters /
Zhou, Zhi Peng Dai, Ning Yi 2022. Master
Modified data-driven power flow model in smart grid : a regression approach based on incomplete bus data /
Xing, Zheng Lao, Keng Weng 2022. Master
Metal-phenolic nanocoordinators launch robust anticancer immunity through programmed cell death modulations /
Wang, Guo Hao Dai, Yun Lu 2022. Doctoral
Meta-analysis augmented bioinformatics research into Omics of Alzheimer's disease / check Full Text
Yuen, Sze Chung Lee, Ming-Yuen 2022. Doctoral
Migrant youth on the Kuaishou short-video platform : platformisation, practice, and governance/ check Full Text
Zhou, Min Liu Shih Diing 2022. Doctoral
Multi-modal feature learning for biometric analysis and applications / check Full Text
Dong, Guan Nan Pun, Chi Man 2022. Doctoral

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