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Home-school partnership and Chinese parents' satisfaction of pre-school services : the role of childrearing beliefs check Full Text
Alexander, Cruchenda Rosetta 胡碧穎 2019. Master
Help seeking attitudes and intentions in career counseling : the roles of masculinity and self-stigma check Full Text
Liu, Min Ching, Ho Hong 2019. Master
How corporate social responsibility affects employee's work engagement and customer satisfaction : the moderating role of organizational identification check Full Text
Zhang, Duo Chow, Wing Chi 2019. Master
How the EU deals with the conflict between China and the US? check Full Text
Zhou, Qian Yu You Ji 2019. Master
How the responsibility to protect was endorsed and implemented in Africa : based on the framework of norm localization check Full Text
Wang, Pei Yu Hall Rodney Bruce 2019. Master
How place attachment affects residents’ perception of impacts and support to tourism development : the case of Macau check Full Text
Cheng, Nga Man So, Siu Ian 2020. Master
How does normative commitment contribute to prosocial behavior under ethical leadership? : an investigation in Macao check Full Text
Lai, Si Weng Loi, Chi Ho 2020. Master
Hand-crafted and deep learning schemes for copy-move forgery detection check Full Text
Zhong, Jun Liu Pun, Chi Man 2020. Doctoral
High performance Gigahertz Nyquist ADC designs check Full Text
Jiang, Wen Ning Chan, Chi Hang 2020. Doctoral
How Chengguan works with weak law enforcement and administrative powers : voices of front-line staff in the Chengguan department in J City, Southern China check Full Text
Zhao, Hao Min 徐建華 2020. Master
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