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Design optimization of fuzzy models in system identification check Full Text
Hu, Cheng Lin Wan, Feng 2010. Master
Does public health spending matter? A fixed effect model based on China provincial level panel data check Full Text
Shao, Zuo Yin Yuan, Jia 2011. Master
Deposit rate pass-through and competition : evidence from Macau
Wang, Mi La Liu, Ming Hua 2011. Master
Discussion on investment environment of Macao
Chan, Lai Man So, Man Shing 2011. Master
Developing a strategic plan for Vang Iek Group's automotive business unit in Macau check Full Text
Cheng, Wing Yiu Cuervo, Javier Calero 2011. Master
Defining social media and its time displacement effect on Macao netizens' traditional media use and offline sociability
U, Ka Kit 張榮顯 2011. Master
Deterministic annealing EM algorithm for robust learning of Gaussian mixture models check Full Text
Wang, Bo Yu Wan, Feng 2011. Master
Design of analog-to-digital converters with binary search algorithm and digital calibration techniques check Full Text
Wong, Si Seng U, Seng-Pan 2011. Master
Design, modeling and control of a compliant parallel XY micro-motion stage with complete decoupling property
Huang, Ji Ming Li, Yang Min 2011. Master
Digital shape classification using local and global shape descriptors
Lin, Cong Pun, Chi Man 2011. Master
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