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Design and development of a new climbing robot platform for windows cleaning check Full Text
Li, Zhen Jing Xu, Qing Song 2023. Doctoral
Development and initial validation of a logic model to strengthen hospital pharmacist interventions for COPD patients in Macao : the pharmacist perspective
Zheng, Jia Qi 王一濤 2023. Master
Distinction-making of Gezi opera music and musicians : A socio-musicological study
Wang, Yan Lin Lu, Melody Chia-Wen 2023. Doctoral
Development of analysis software and curated database for spatial omics data
Zheng, Yi Min Wong, Koon Ho 2023. Doctoral
Deep feature learning for image denoising and style transfer
Zhou, Zheng Zhou, Yi Cong 2023. Doctoral
Development of an optimal anticancer peptide classifier by comprehensive assessment of sequence-based encodings, feature scaling, feature selection, and machine learning algorithm
Cheong, Hong Hin Si, Yain Whar 2023. Master
Design and implementation of a cross-platform location-based information mobile application
Du, Shi Hang Gong, Zhi Guo 2023. Master
Detection and recognition method of lung nodules based on deep learning
Li, Jin Yu 張立明 2023. Master
Disenchantment revisited : schooling of Tibetan students in Northwest China
Tong, Li Qin 周憶粟 2023. Doctoral
Dynamic water quality monitoring system achieved with Bayesian linear regression and triboelectric nanogenerator
Wang, Xing Yu Hao, Tianwei 2023. Master
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