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Impact of business risk-based audit approach on auditors' behavior check Full Text
Tchiang, Sin U 2016. Master
Interpretes, topazes & linguas : elos de ligacao dos Portugueses, de Lisboa a Macau, seculos XV, XVI e XVII
Campos, Paula Cristina F. 2006. Master
Insight into method : a cognitive-notional method for the implementation of a semiotic approach in language pedagogy
Brown, Denise 1987. Master
Intentional homicide in China : a study of official court verdicts check Full Text
Tang, Ruo Yang 2016. Master
Image denoising using superformula and quaternion check Full Text
Chen, Lun Bo 2014. Master
Investor-related perspectives of IPO underpricing in Hong Kong
Ieong, Hoi Ian 2009. Master
Implication of uselessattributes in marketing strategy : Chinese online lottery market check Full Text
Tang, Oi Ian 2017. Master
Is the currency value a strong determinant of China's trade imbalance? check Full Text
Lin, Fan 2016. Master
Impact of gender diversity on corporate performance of banking industry in China check Full Text
Lao, Chio I 2016. Master
Improvement of criminal reconciliation system in China : Reference from the restorative justice practice in Taiwan check Full Text
Li, Si Xu 2018. Master
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