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Glocalization strategy in a Japanese multinational corporation : a case study check Full Text
Wu, Guo Zhen Hong, Jacky 2012. Master
Genetic analysis of transcription factors (Dmrt1), growth factors (Gsdf) and estrogens (Cyp19a1a) in zebrafish gonadal differentiation and development check Full Text
Wu, Kun Ge, Wei 2020. Doctoral
Genetical and pharmacological modulation of apoptotic cell clearance in inflammatory bowel disorder model for disease modification check Full Text
Wu, Ming Yue 路嘉宏 2020. Doctoral
Genome instability observed in heterozygotic Brcal mutation mice check Full Text
Wu, Xiao Bing Wang, Sanming 2022. Doctoral
Group optimization and priority based emergency message dissemination in V2X communication
Xiang, Xi Ni Wu, Yuan 2023. Master
Gestalt and reproduction of fantasy : a comparative study of The Lord of the Rings and its translations check Full Text
Xing, Si Yuan Wang, Xian 2019. Master
Ginsenosides in Panax notoginseng check Full Text
Xu, Fa Xiang 張慶文 2014. Master
Gree air conditioner channel analysis : a case study
Yang, Jin Chow, Siu Fung 2006. Master
Gender differences in language learning strategies : a case study of ESL students at the University of Macau check Full Text
Yao, Dong, Don Kunnan, Antony John 2018. Master
G protein-coupled receptor kinase 2 suppresses ovarian cancer migration and adhesion by modulating angiotensin II receptor-mediated signaling pathways check Full Text
Yu, Shan Lee, Tsz On. 2021. Doctoral
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