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Title Author arrow_drop_up Supervisor Issue Date Degree
Deconstruction of the Disney Princess Empire check Full Text
Cheang, I Ian Liu, Shih Diing 2006 Master
Development of vehicle and motorbike driving cycles for Macau check Full Text
Cheang, Kuok Mao Wong, Pak Kin 2008 Master
Discretionary revenue in lockup periods and audit firm effect /
Chen Long Fei 2018 Master
Design and development of an online 3D virtual exhibition system check Full Text
Chen, Fa Xing 張立明 2015 Master
Divergent effects of warmth and competence social rejections : an explanation based on the need-threat model / check Full Text
Chen, Fei Fei Guo, Tie Yuan 2021. Doctoral
Design and testing of an unscented Kalman filter observer-based LQR fault-tolerant control for active air suspension /
Chen, Jun Peng Wong, Pak Kin 2022. Master
Design and evaluation of a multi-pinhold collimator for brain SPECT check Full Text
Chen, Ling Mok, Seng Peng 2017 Master
Double scaling in some random matrix ensembles check Full Text
Chen, Min Chen, Yang 2016 Doctoral
Disease-oriented hierarchical CVDs diagnosis technology through hemodynamic, symptomatic and physiological parameters check Full Text
Chen, Mu Bo Vai, Mang I 2015 Master
A descriptive study on network buzzwords in the mandarin Chinese netspeak check Full Text
Chen, Shen Zhang Kuong, Io Kei 2018 Master

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