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Character development in the Harry Potter novels of J. K. Rowling
Chan, Mei Lan Kelen Christopher 2004. Master
Characteristic analysis, regulating mechanism modeling and advanced control on hydraulic adjustable dampers for automotive semi-active suspensions check Full Text
Ma, Xin Bo Wong, Pak Kin 2018. Doctoral
Characteristic distribution of main anti-inflammatory ingredients in three Siegesbeckia species check Full Text
Zhao, Guan Ding Yu, Hua 2020. Master
Characteristics of China's new public diplomacy : under the neoclassical realistic framework check Full Text
Wu, Ji Yao Song Weiqing 2016. Master
Characteristics of Japanese and Taiwanese visitors to Macau
Zhang, Jian Zhong Nasol, Ramon Lino 1998. Master
Characteristics of openness to problem solving of 15-year-old students : comparing Hong Kong, Macao, Shanghai and Chinese Taipei in PISA 2012 check Full Text
Wen, Yu Hua 張國祥 2015. Master
Characterization and quality evaluation of polysaccharides from selected Chinese medicines check Full Text
Wu, Ding Tao 李紹平 2016. Doctoral
Characterization of Alkali Silica Reactivity of Xi Jiang River Sand
Choi, Wai Kin Lok, Man Hoi 2005. Master
Characterization of BRCA1-deficient premalignant mammary tissues and breast cancers and identification of their drivers check Full Text
Liu, Jian Lin Xu, Xiaoling 2020. Doctoral
Characterization of Macau marine deposits
Ma, Yong Feng Yan, Wai Man 2008. Master
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