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Casino dining : the neglected part of gamers' trip to Macao check Full Text
Zhou, Jia Ming Lim, Mei Lai 2019. Master
Catalyzed entanglement : Macao Four Circles Disaster Relief Association in 1930s and 1940s
Wang, Mo Ru Chan, Catherine S. 2022. Master
Categorizando genero na contemporaneidade : um estudo do discurso de adolescentes no contexto escolar check Full Text
Sequeira, Teresa Isabel F. L. Pereira de Matos Silva, Roberval Teixeira e 2015. Master
Cationic amino acid-modified camptothecin prodrugs with typical helix self-assembly for combination cancer therapy check Full Text
Guo, Zhao Pei 陳美婉 2020. Doctoral
Cationic polypeptide-based micelles for camptothecin delivery in lung cancer therapy check Full Text
Zhou, Xing Zhi 陳美婉 2018. Master
Causes of child trafficking in China check Full Text
Chen, Dong Ting Kuo, Shih-Ya 2021. Master
Cavitation erosion of an austenitic stainless steel and a ferrite stainless steel check Full Text
Wong, Man Meng Lo, Kin Ho 2019. Master
Cavitation erosion of duplex stainless steel check Full Text
Leong, Man Kei Lo, Kin Ho 2014. Master
Cavity quantum electrodynamics of multi-qubit superconducting circuits check Full Text
Huan, Tian Tian Ian, Hou 2020. Doctoral
CBBC, call auction sessions and price manipulations : evidence from Hong Kong stock exchange check Full Text
Cai, Meng Huan Lei Cheuk Hung 2018. Master
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