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Artemisinin attenuated ischaemic stroke-induced apoptosis through activation of the ERK/CREB/BCL-2 signalling pathway in vitro and in vivo check Full Text
Peng, Tang Ming Zheng, Wen Hua 2022. Doctoral
Artesunate-loaded CaCO3 hybrid nanomedicine for improved cancer therapy check Full Text
Zhong, Wen Zhao 陳美婉 2021. Master
Artificial intelligence and intellectualization of civil litigation in China : challenges and prospects check Full Text
Zhang, Juan Juan Svetlicinii, Alexandr 2022. Doctoral
Artificial neural network short-term electrical load forecasting techniques
Xu, Le Yan Chen, Wei Ji 1999. Master
Artistic creative performances across socio-cultural factors : a comparison between Guizho's and Macao's 4 - 8 years old students in China
Wong, Ka Ian 黃鏡英 2023. Master
As dificuldades dos aprendentes Chineses de ple na aquisição das colocações de verbo + substantivo check Full Text
Jin, Chen Zi Grosso, Maria José 2018. Master
As fontes do direito em Macau
Katchi, Antonio Francisco Canotilho, José Joaquim Gomes 2004. Master
As fontes do direito em Macau
Katchi, António. Canotilho, José Joaquim Gomes 2006. Master
As imagens de mães em Mornas Eram as Noites
Ni, Mei Xin Silva, Roberval Teixeira e 2022. Master
As perguntas na interação de sala de aula de Português como língua não materna (PLNM) check Full Text
Li, Ou Ya Silva, Roberval Teixeira e 2020. Master
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