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論受賄罪的賄賂範圍 = The discussion of bribery's scope /
彭鏝羽 趙國強, 1950- 2017 Master
論蘇軾之歸思 =Discussion about Su Shi's life destination check Full Text
梁婉喬 鄧國光, 1955- 2018 Master
論蘇雪林小說中的古典情結 = On the classical complex in SuXuelin's fictions check Full Text
黃琳 朱壽桐 2013 Master
論田漢南國時期戲劇活動中的流浪者形象 = On the image of the rangers in Tian Han's drama during the Nanguo drama movement check Full Text
滕菲 朱壽桐 2012 Master
論王家衛電影的懷舊現象 = Nostalgia phenomenon in the films of Wong Kar-wai check Full Text
林彥 區仲桃 2010 Master
論網絡環境中的著作權侵權與保護 = Copyright infringement and protection in network environment check Full Text
劉琪 唐曉晴 2012 Master
論網絡侵權案件的民事訴訟管轄權 = On the jurisdiction of civil procedure in network infringement cases /
張津碧 王薇 2019 Master
論網絡寫作複製性的合法性 = Study on the rationality of the replicability of network literature /
馬蓓欣 龔剛, 1971- 2014 Master
論網絡用戶操作權 = Research on network user's execution rights /
王家珅 稅兵 2018 Master
論文學表達的新空間 : 博客寫作的文學與文化研究 = The new space of literature expression : literature and culture research of blog check Full Text
徐婷婷 龔剛 2007 Master

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