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Evolution of Basel's risk-based capital requirements and its legal consequences check Full Text
Ho, Lok Sum 唐曉晴 2019. Doctoral
Genome-guided investigation of the bioactive metabolite producing actinobacterial resources in mangrove ecosystem check Full Text
Hu, Di Ni Mok Kai Meng 2019. Doctoral
PFBA(M) 000 (SAMPLE) Cross cultural organizational learning in multinational corporations
Mak, Ka Yee Hong, Jacky 2017. Doctoral
PFST(E) 000 (SAMPLE) Analysis of two-way massive MIMO relaying systems with spatial correlation and hardware impairments
Feng, Jun Juan Ma, Shao Dan 2019. Doctoral
PFAH(H) 000 (SAMPLE) Mao's samurai : from the captured Japanese soldiers, immigrants and war criminals to the fighters for the Chinese Communist cause
Li, Jin Wei, C. X., George 2019. Doctoral
Reliability of high resolution mass spectrometry in metabolite identification and untargeted metabolomics studies check Full Text
Zhang, Peng Wei Poon Chuen Wai 2019. Doctoral
The design and application of chemically modified glucomannan as macrophage-regulatory biomaterials
Feng, Yan Xian 王春明 2019. Doctoral
Optimization and estimation for some stochastic systems check Full Text
Liang, Qi Zhu Ding, Deng 2018. Doctoral
Dynamics of the gut microbiome of giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) under different dietary intake regimens check Full Text
Guo, Min Lee, Ming-Yuen 2019. Doctoral
The pathways from discrimination to juvenile delinquency among Chinese migrant children : an application of the extended general strain theory check Full Text
Xia, Yi Wei Li, De 2019. Doctoral
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