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Rational preparation of drug nanocrystals and the application for pulmonary delivery / check Full Text
He, Yuan Zheng, Ying 2020. Doctoral
A research of the teaching materials from newly excavated document of legalist's school in Pre-Han China / check Full Text
Wen, Ru Jia 張偉保 2020. Doctoral
Discovery of function inhibitors against S100B-dependent malignant melanoma growth and metastasis / check Full Text
Wu, Ke Jia Leung, Chung-Hang 2020. Doctoral
Single-cell analysis of androgen receptor signaling in prostate cancer / check Full Text
Hu, Ling Ling Cheung, Chong Wing 2020. Doctoral
Clustering and feature spaces / check Full Text
Zhao, Yin Ping Chen, Long 2021. Doctoral
Design and testing of new force-assisted devices for cell microinjection and robotic polishing / check Full Text
Wei, Yu Zhang Xu, Qing Song 2021. Doctoral
Fungal spore transcription activity before dormancy drives phenotypic variation / check Full Text
Wang, Fang Wong, Koon Ho 2021. Doctoral
The therapeutic effects of artemisinin on motoneuron death induced by brachial plexus axotomy and its effect on neural stem/progenitor cells differentiation / check Full Text
Liu, Lin Lin Zheng, Wen Hua 2020. Doctoral
Integral representations and reproducing kernels for weighted function spaces on tubular domains / check Full Text
Huang, Yun Qian, Tao 2021. Doctoral
Research on continuing education training develpment for Chinese hospital pharmacist in the context of hierarchical medical system construction : an empirical study from northwest China / check Full Text
Zhang, Tian Qi 卞鷹 2021. Doctoral

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