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Application of activity-based protein profiling on target discovery of natural products
Lyu, Peng Lin, Li Gen 2024. Doctoral
Research and development of traditional Chinese classical prescription Huangqi Guizhi Wuwu Decoction based on chemical analysis, quality evaluation and pharmacodynamics
Jiang, Mao Yuan Li, Peng 2024. Doctoral
Development of high-performance neuromorphic architectures for online spiking neural network training
Siddique, Ali Vai, Mang I 2024. Doctoral
Design and implementation of 3D modeling software based on open CASCADE
Zhang, Qiang Vong, Chi Man 2024. Master
Multiport interferometric architecture for concurrent dual-band transmission and reception study
Tu, Meng Ting Cheong, Pedro 2024. Doctoral
Aerobic biodegradation of chloroxylenol by rhodococcus sp. GG1 : characterization and mechanistic insights
Guo, Xiao Yuan Shim, Hojae 2024. Doctoral
The dynamics of emotion : Shidu (Bereaved) parents’ narratives, mobilization, and performative politics
Geng, Li Liu Shih Diing 2024. Doctoral
Ergonomic sEMG analysis : quantifying post-stroke spasticity and brain-muscle activities
Luo, Zi Chong Wong, Seng Fat 2024. Master
Analysis and design of hybrid DC-DC converters for IoT applications
Pan, Cao Lei Lam, Chi Seng 2024. Doctoral
Research of the relationship between cognitive style, exercise behavior, and body esteem
Cui, Yue 何敬恩 2023. Master
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