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Investment strategy for redevelopment projects under uncertainty : real options approach
Chen, Jia Jin Lai, Neng 2006. Master
Intergroup relations between Chinese and Filipinos in Macao : towards a path tounderstanding and reducing prejudice and discrimination check Full Text
Chen, Hong Lei Tong, Kwok Kit 2020. Doctoral
Intellectual property arbitration and public policy in China : conflict or coordination? check Full Text
Chen, Hai Fei Neuwirth Rostam J. 2013. Master
Investigation of micro-droplet manipulation via functionalized PDMS membrane and their applications in digital microfluidies check Full Text
Chen, Ge Zhou, Bing Pu 2021. Doctoral
Inter-state compensation for breach of human rights obligations in the context of refugee crisis check Full Text
Chen, Gang Verhoeven, Sten Idris 2019. Master
Instrumentation amplifier and filter design for biopotential acquisition system check Full Text
Chen, Chang Hao Vai, Mang I 2010. Master
Impacts of digitization on audit in China check Full Text
Chen, Biao Lee, Chang Boon 2020. Master
Inter-turn faults of three-phase induction machines
Cheang, Tak Son Zhang, Lin Zheng 1997. Master
Improving inter-language links between different languages of Wikipedia check Full Text
Cheang, Kueng Chon Biuk-Aghai, Robert P. 2015. Master
Impact of ISO 9000 quality system implementation in distribution division (CEM)
Cheang, Io Kit Antonio, Nelson Jose dos Santos 2000. Master
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