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論我國不動產登記信息保密性與偵查機關查詢使用權的平衡 =Balance between confidentiality of real estate registration information in China and information inquire-use rights of investigation organs check Full Text
魏玉成 Mo, Shijian, 1956- 2016 Master
論我國代表人訴訟制度解決群體糾紛的困境與應對 : 以中美法律比較為視角 = The difficulties and solutions of group disputes in China's representative litigation system : from the perspective of comparison between Chinese law and American
善昕 王薇 2019 Master
論我國獨立董事制度的現狀及完善 =On the current situation and perfection of independent directors system in China check Full Text
劉向前 Mo, Shijian 2015 Master
論我國公司股東信息權的行使與保護 : 以股東知情權為中心 check Full Text
陳鄰伊 范劍虹 2011 Master
論我國公司實際控制人認定標準之完善 = Research on criterion for deciting controlling persons in China /
鄭戌冰 杜立, 教授 2018 Master
論我國公益信託的監管 :以 "中華人民共和國信託法" 為基礎 = The supervision of public trust in China : based on the PRC Trust Law check Full Text
吳一沙 稅兵 2016 Master
論我國民事執行參與分配制度研究 = The study of participation in distribution system in the civil execution proceedings /
寧詩曼 王薇 2018 Master
論我國内地公司資本制度改革 :以債權人保護為視角 = On the reform of corporate capital system in Mainland China : creditor protection in perspective check Full Text
張旭 王薇 2016 Master
論我國企業破產重整的立法完善 =Research on the legislative perfection of bankruptcy and reorganization for enterprise in China check Full Text
劉淼 范劍虹 2014 Master
論我國沿海與遠洋貨物運輸法統一的可行性 =On the feasibility of the unification between the coastal and ocean shipping law in China check Full Text
梁韻捷 Mo, Shijian, 1956- 2016 Master

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