UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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馬禮遜 "華英字典" 英漢翻譯研究
陳鐸 邵朝陽 2013. Master
論現代性情感體驗的詩化顯現 : 以波德萊爾和戴望舒的情詩為例 = The poetic expression of affective experience of modernity : Baudelaire and Dai Wangshu's love poems as examples check Full Text
陶夢書 龔剛 2013. Master
Samplings with the Clifford algebra setting check Full Text
Zhao, Hai Lin Qian, Tao 2013. Master
以田野研究法探討住宿式書院的內地來澳大學新鮮人之生活適應 check Full Text
梁錦球 黃素君 2013. Master
中國中成藥的零售藥店市場分析 check Full Text
葛帥 王一濤 2013. Master
The applicability of general strain theory on explaining drug use among young adults in the People's Republic of China check Full Text
Qian, Xing Ning Liu Jianhong 2013. Master
Statistical machine translation for typologically-different languages
Li, Shuo Wong, Fai 2013. Master
基於網絡分析的中藥配伍規律研究 check Full Text
吳玉丹 胡元佳 2013. Master
Meta分析和網路分析miRNA在2型糖尿病中的差異性表達 check Full Text
朱紅梅 梁少偉 2013. Master
Export and economic growth : the case of China
Mu, Zhuo Jun Chen, Yu 2013. Master

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