UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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"對賭協議" 主體合法性研究 =Study on the legitimacy of subjects of a "Valuation Adjustment Mechanism" check Full Text
董佩蓉 范劍虹 2016 Master
"二拍" 中的商人形象探究 =A study on the image of businessman in Er Pai check Full Text
盧彩紅 鄧駿捷, 1972- 2016 Master
"花間集" 與前後蜀政治及文化研究 check Full Text
李博昊 鄧駿捷, 1972- 2016 Doctoral
"華威先生" 的文學社會學研究 =Literary sociology research of "Mr. Warwick" check Full Text
關永澤 龔剛, 1971- 2016 Master
"華英字典" 民俗用語研究 =A study on the folk-custom words in "A Dictionary of the Chinese Language" check Full Text
施瑞婷 邵朝陽 2016 Master
"買賣不破租賃" :論 "澳門民法典" 第 1004 條的解釋 = "Sales cannot devastate lease" : explanation on Article 1004 of the Civil Code of Macao check Full Text
張麗霞 唐曉晴 2016 Master
"一帶一路" 中國跨區域經濟合作政策之可行性與效能戰略研究 :運用 SWOT 競爭戰略作分析 check Full Text
張櫻山 蕭楊輝 2016 Master
"一國兩制" 下的中央與特區關係研究 :理論構建與制度完善 check Full Text
江華 駱偉建 2016 Doctoral
"中論" 法象說 =On Chung Lun's Fa Hsiang check Full Text
林澤春 鄧國光, 1955- 2016 Master
"The Chinese Dream:" :Does it help or hurt China's world image (or soft power)? check Full Text
Li, Li Wang, Jianwei 2016 Master

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