UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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"澳門記略"反映的澳門土生葡語面貌 = The facet of Portuguese dialect of Macau in "The Monograph of Macau" check Full Text
胡慧明 程祥徽 2000 Master
"紅樓夢"女性語言風格論 = A study of stylistics of female characters in Hong Lou Meng check Full Text
董海敏 程祥徽 2000 Master
"neutral" policies of the Portuguese government of Macao during the Opium Wars check Full Text
Song, Lin Feng 霍啟昌 2000 Master
澳門多語現象研究 = Multilinguism : the case of Macau check Full Text
張卓夫, 鄧景濱 2000 Master
澳門特殊教育機構實施個別化教學計劃現況之研究 check Full Text
馮佩雯 蘇肖好 2000 Master
澳門小學品德教育課程政策的脈絡研究 = The context analysis of "personal and social development" curriculum policy in primary school of Macau check Full Text
方炳隆 張國祥 2000 Master
澳門學前教育現況與法規研究 check Full Text
陳端儀 陳忠文 2000 Master
澳門中、小學及幼稚園教學督導工作研究 check Full Text
鄧可心 陳忠文 2000 Master
澳門中學生的生活壓力輔導需求的調查研究 check Full Text
區嘉麗 蘇肖好 2000 Master
馮延巳"陽春集"研究 = A study of Feng Yansi's "The Collection of Yang Chun" check Full Text
薛寶嫦 施議對 2000 Master

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