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English Abstract

The age of Macau secondary students lines between twelve to nineteen. Since they are at the age of adolescence, they have to face and adapt the changes of growth, as a result there would be lots of stress. The stress of the adolescence is mainly from the family, the school, the peer group and their personal values. If the stressful life events continue to accumulate, there would be bad effects on the adolescence. Therefore guiding and counseling are essential for the growth This study attempts to probe into what kind of the stressful life events would distress the Macau students, the efficacy of defense mechanism to the corresponding aspects, so as to find out students’ need of counseling. The study is done in the form of questionnaire, samples are Form 3 and Form 5 students from four secondary schools in Macau, including one government school, one professional technical school and two grammar schools. All of them are co-educated schools. There are two hundred and forty-three Form 3 students, one hundred and eighty-six Form 5 students, among them there are 217 boys and 212 girls. Three instruments are used in this study: the Life Events Checklist (Johnson & McCutcheon 1980), Defensive Style Questionnaire, simplified form (Andrew, 1989) and the need of counseling. There are 46 questions in the Life Events Checklist, including events concerning family, school, peer group and self values. The Defensive Style Questionnaire is for surveying how students would react to the stressful life events. There are 36 questions. The need of counseling questionnaire is for finding out the need of identification, cognition and actual assistance of the interviewees when they come across stress. There are thirteen questions. The data is analysed by SPSS 7.5 version. Two way ANOVA is used to analyse the high and low stress, mature and immature defensive styles and the effect of sex and class on the demand of counseling. The group of high and low stress is classified by the median of the accumulating stressful life events. Mature and immature defensive styles are classified according to Andrew (1989). The most stressful life event for the interviewees is the problems in studying. Over 70 percent of the interviewees have failed subjects in the report card, which would lead to not achieving the expectation of their parents. The result of the study indicates that students in high stress have a greater demand of counseling than those who are in low stress. We could learn the stressful life events which distress the Macau students through this study. Preventive counseling could be arranged to a certain extent so as to avoid or to minimize the stress or bad effect caused by the events.

Chinese Abstract

澳門中學生年齡一般由十二歲至十九歲,正處於青春期,要面對及適應成長的改變,壓力自然會增加。這時的青少年所受的壓力主要有來自家庭、學校、同儕及個人事項。如壓力的事件不斷累積,對青少年的身心有一定的影響,因此必須對他們加以輔導,以助其成長。 這次研究嘗試探討那些壓力事件會影響澳門中學生及心理防衛方式在有關方面的效應,從而找出學生對輔導的需求。這研究是以問卷形式進行調查,受訪者是來自澳門四間中學的中三及中五的學生。其中一間是官立中學,一間是職業中學,兩間是文法中學。中三生佔二百四十三人,中五生佔一百八十六人,其中男生佔二百一十七人,女生佔二百一十二人。 調查探用了三個工具:壓力生活事件量表(The Life Events Checklist; Johnson &McCutcheon,1980),心理防衛方式量表(Defensive Style Questionnaire)簡略版(Andrews等人,1989),及所需輔導調查。壓力生活事件量表共有四十六題,包括有關家庭事件、學校事件、同儕事件及個人事件。心理防衛方式量表共有三十六題,用以測試受訪者之成熟及不成熟防衛方式。所需輔導量表共十三題,是測試受訪者對輔導在認同、認知及實質的幫助三方面的需求,以及在壓力困擾下他們會向誰求助。 研究方法探用二元方差分析法(2-Way Anova)看壓力高低、成熟及不成熟心理防衛方式與性別及班別對輔導需求的影響。壓力高低組別以壓力生活事件累積的中位數劃分,成熟及不成熟心理防衛方式以Andrews等人(1989)的根據劃分。 這次受訪者的壓力生活事件以學習上的問題最令他們受到困擾。約七成的受訪者匯報「成續表上有不及格的科目」,因而導致約六成的受訪者的成績不能達到父母的期望。研究結果顯示處於高壓的學生比低壓的學生更需要輔導。而防衛方式方面,受訪者多探用成熟的心理防衛,成熟及不成熟的防衛對所需輔導有影響。 透過這次研究,可知道令澳門中學生困擾的生活事件,在可能範圍內作一些預防性的輔導以減低事情發生所引起的壓力。引導中學生多探用成熟防衛以減低壓力對身心健康的影響。

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Stress in adolescence -- Macau

少年時期的壓力 -- 澳門

Counseling in secondary education -- Macau

高中教育輔導 -- 澳門



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