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Coordination of international competition law under the framework of WTO : from the perspective of BRICS

English Abstract

The topic of International coordination of Competition Law has long been discussed in academia. For a long time, even now, there is no fully harmonized rules and regulations. However, with the deepening of economic globalization and integration, nations now are more depending on each other in international economy. A world market is gradually taking shape. At the same time, the problem of competition stands out. Different countries got different competition policies, to a very large extent, weakened the trade liberalization of the worldwide market greatly. The extraterritorial jurisdiction of national competition law results in more international conflicts, based on which, how to balance the relation between trade and competition catch the eye of the international academic. Thus, international coordination of competition law issues are attracting the new international focus. Lacking of a comprehensive adjustment of international uniform law and an international neutral organization to resolve disputes, competition between countries has actually become a contest of strength. It is in this global vision, the thesis focus on discussing international coordination of competition law under the framework of WTO. In the mean while, combined with the rising BRICS countries, the thesis is trying to discuss the necessity, the basic measures and approaches, the chief obstacle and the reaction of BRICS countries in international coordination of competition law. The whole thesis is divided into six parts. Chapter one introduced the basis for international coordination of competition law, mainly present the social and economic bases of the coordination, the necessity in the vision of the international coordination of competition law and the exterritorial jurisdiction and principals involved in the international coordination of competition law; Chapter two mainly research on the existing approaches of international coordination at the present time, analysis from the different three approaches: bilateral coordination mechanism, regional coordination 4 mechanism and multilateral coordination mechanism; Chapter three focus on the relationship of the international coordination and the WTO: The development of competition rules under the WTO, negotiation process of the WTO trade and competition working group, the possibility of coordination within the framework of the WTO, the proposals of coordination approaches, and the main tentative approaches under the WTO. Following, the thesis examining from the perspective of the BRICS as a representative of the coordination examples to confirm and improve the previous coordination theories. Finally, the thesis reached a conclusion on this research of international coordination of competition law under the framework of the WTO.

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Wang, Yan


Faculty of Law




Competition, International

Trade regulation

Antitrust law

BRIC countries



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