UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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蘆薈大黃素固體脂質納米粒的製備與體外抗腫瘤活性評價 / Preparation and anti-tumor evaluation of Aloe-emodin loaded solid lipid nanoparticles / Ruie Chen. check Full Text
陳銳娥 王一濤 2013. Master
論澳門自來水供水專營服務批給合同 = A study about the concession contract signed with The Macao Water Supply Company check Full Text
霍嘉明 唐曉晴 2013. Master
論白先勇小說的古典性與現代性 = A study of the classicality and modernity of Bai Xianyong's fictions check Full Text
萬月 龔剛 2013. Master
論不當得利的補充性 check Full Text
蘇建峰, 唐曉晴 2013. Doctoral
論離婚非財產損害賠償 : 以其法律性質以及在澳門法律實踐中的狀況為中心 = Discussion of compensation for non-pecuniary damage in divorce : based on its legal nature and implementation status in Macao
張穎彤 唐曉晴 2013. Master
論蘇雪林小說中的古典情結 = On the classical complex in SuXuelin's fictions check Full Text
黃琳 朱壽桐 2013. Master
論現代性情感體驗的詩化顯現 : 以波德萊爾和戴望舒的情詩為例 = The poetic expression of affective experience of modernity : Baudelaire and Dai Wangshu's love poems as examples check Full Text
陶夢書 龔剛 2013. Master
羅忼烈治詞業績研究= An investigation of Luo Kang-lie and his achievement of Ci check Full Text
張賀 施議對 2013. Master
馬禮遜 "華英字典" 法律詞語特徵研究
譚旖旎 邵朝陽 2013. Master
馬禮遜 "華英字典" 英漢翻譯研究
陳鐸 邵朝陽 2013. Master

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