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馬禮遜 "華英字典" 法律詞語特徵研究

English Abstract

In the early 19th century, the world's first English-Chinese & Chinese-English bilingual dictionary A Dictionary of the Chinese Language was compiled and finished by the first Christian protestant missionary –Morrison. As a language tool, it witnessed the interface of modern English and Chinese during the first massive contact. Furthermore, this dictionary provided valuable information to the modern studies of Chinese phonology & phonetics, Chinese Characters and Lexica. According to Morrison, to learn a nation’s language, one must understand the nation's historical and cultural background. Therefore, a dictionary in terms of foreign language should include the following content of this specific country: history, geography, religions, culture, philosophy, politics, customs, etiquette, etc. As a royal chronicler of the interface between Chinese and western language at the time when they first met, A Dictionary of the Chinese Language more tends to be treated as the product of exotic cultural collision. As we all know, law is an important tool to maintain a country and its basic social rules. Thus, law of a country reflected its political rules, social management, and even culture dissemination situations. Understanding of China's legal system is a basic survive, for foreigners in China at Morrison’s time, no matter in their work or daily life. A Dictionary of the Chinese Language, therefore, the "encyclopedic" masterpiece, also includes some law related words according to the law system of China at that time under these circumstances. This thesis aims to analyze the Dictionary in the collection of legal words with quantitative statistics and qualitative analysis, specifically in the investigation of its distribution, compiling features and Morrison's cultural viewpoint towards the law of China. This thesis is divided into four chapters: The first chapter is introduction, which introduces an overview of Morrison and A Dictionary of the Chinese Language, aims of this thesis, significance of topic selection, literature review and research scope and method of this paper. The second chapter includes: the distribution of legal words in the Dictionary and the detailed classification of these legal words in the dictionary. The third chapter: according to sort out legal words corpus, further analysis were conducted in this part respectively in both Chinese-English and English-Chinese dictionaries to illustrate distribution characteristics of legal vocabulary included in the Dictionary in the respect of commentaries and culture. The fourth chapter—conclusion: to summarize the analysis of law vocabulary in Dictionary of the Chinese Language and further to analyze Morrison’s cultural viewpoints towards Chinese law at that time.

Chinese Abstract

19 世紀初期,世界第一部英漢-漢英雙語字典——《華英字典》由首位 來華基督教新教傳教士馬禮遜編纂而成。作為一部語言文字的工具書,它見 證了近代中英語言初次大規模接觸的面貌,為近代語音學、漢字學、詞彙學 等各項研究提供了寶貴資料。恰如馬禮遜所言,學好一種民族語言必須瞭解 這個民族的歷史文化背景,因此,一部有關外國語言的字典,應該包含與這 個國家有關的歷史、地理、宗教、文化、哲學、政治、風俗、禮儀等方面的 內容。作為中西語言初遇時的忠實記錄者,《華英字典》更是異國文化碰撞交 融的產物。 法律是一個國家、社會基本規則的維持者。一國的法律折射出的是國家 的政治統治、社會管理甚至是文化傳播的客觀情況。瞭解中國的法制,對當 時的來華外國人士而言,無論從工作還是生活上而言皆是必需的保障。因此, 《華英字典》這部“百科全書式”的巨作,也相應地收錄了一些當時中國與 法律相關的詞語。本論文旨在窮盡式地搜集《華英字典》中所收錄的法律詞 語,對其進行定量統計和定性分析,具體考察出其收錄及分佈情況,探討其 編纂特徵,并試圖藉此反觀馬禮遜的中國法律文化觀。 本論文共分為四章: 第一章為引言,主要介紹馬禮遜與《華英字典》的概況、選題的目的及 意義、相關研究現狀以及論文的研究範圍和研究方法。 第二章主要介紹《華英字典》法律詞語的收錄分佈情況,并對其進行細 緻的分類。 第三章則根據整理出的法律詞語語料,分別對漢英、英漢兩部份字典作 進一步分析,從釋義、文化等方面揭示《華英字典》法律詞語收錄特徵。 第四章為結語,主要對法律詞語的情況作一個梳理,并從中淺析馬禮遜 的中國法律文化觀。

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Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities


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Morrison, Robert, -- 1782-1834. -- Dictionary of the Chinese language

馬禮遜, -- 1782-1834. -- 華英字典

Chinese language -- Dictionaries -- English

漢語 -- 字典 -- 英語

English language -- Dictionaries -- Chinese

英語 -- 字典 -- 漢語

Law -- Terminology

法律 -- 專門用語之研究



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