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馬禮遜 "華英字典" 英漢翻譯研究

English Abstract

A Dictionary of the Chinese Language is the world’s first Chinese-English and English-Chinese bilingual dictionary. It’s not only a tool to learn Chinese but also a text-book or encyclopaedias to know China. The dictionary’s great value needs a better research. There are many research results correlate with this dictionary. But this thesis is base on the Part 3 named English and Chinese and think of it on terms of English-Chinese translation for the first time. Try to find out the feature of R.Morrison’s translation and his pointview of culture. Hope this can be helpful for other related reseaches. This thesis proposed a new concept named Over-Translation and gaved a explanation. This thesis has four chapters. In the first chapter, there is a brief introduction of R.Morrion, the background of A Dictionary of the Chinese Language ’s compilation, the purpose and meaning of this research, the range and methods of this research, and a brief introduction of the style of English and Chinese. The second chapter is study on the characteristic of the language that used in the translation,including the base language used in the transtation,characteristics in the part of speech,translation of the Function Words, Domestication and Over-Translation. The third chapter is study on the R.Morrison’s pointview of culture in English and Chinese. Such as accepting both western and eastern culture,finding the similarity of cultures,focusing on introduction of Chinese culture.The fourth chapter is a summary of the conclusion based on the whole thesis.

Chinese Abstract

《華英字典》是世界上第一部漢英、英漢雙解字典,不僅是一部學習漢語的工 具書,更是瞭解中國的教科書和百科全書,具有很大的研究價值和空間。目前對《華 英字典》的研究成果頗豐,但本文首次專門針對字典中第六卷“英漢字典”,從英 漢翻譯角度出發,一探馬禮遜英漢翻譯的特點,及其中所體現的文化觀,藉此希望 為以後的相關研究提供一點參考。本文根據語料,提出“過度翻譯”這一翻譯特徵, 並作了相關闡釋。 本文共四章。第一章,簡介作者生平,《華英字典》編纂的背景,前人研究情況, 本文研究目的、意義、範圍、方法,以及“英漢字典”的體例;第二章,探究英漢 翻譯的語言特徵,包括譯文使用的語言基礎、詞類方面的特徵、對虛詞的解釋,以 及歸化翻譯和過度翻譯;第三章,探究“英漢字典”中體現的馬禮遜的文化觀,包 括中西並包、尋找中西文化的相似性、以中國文化為主導;第四章,對本文研究結 論進行總結。

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Morrison, Robert, -- 1782-1834. -- Dictionary of the Chinese language

馬禮遜, -- 1782-1834. -- 華英字典

Chinese language -- Dictionaries -- English

漢語 -- 字典 -- 英語

English language -- Dictionaries -- Chinese

英語 -- 字典 -- 漢語

Chinese language -- Usage

漢語 -- 用法

Chinese language -- Word formation

漢語 -- 構詞



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