UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Characteristics of Japanese and Taiwanese visitors to Macau check Full Text
Zhang, Jian Zhong Nasol, Ramon Lino 1998 Master
Chinese dilemma : using comparative management theory to find ways for developing economy in China check Full Text
Zhou, Jun 1998 Master
investigation of the buckling strength of coped steel I-beams check Full Text
Lam, Chi Chiu Yam Chi Ho 1998 Master
Os interesses dos portugueses em Macau na primeira metade do seculo XVIII check Full Text
Carmo, Maria Helena do 1998 Master
Historia de Japam : a representacao do Outro na obra de Luis Frois check Full Text
Dias, Ana Cristina Buescu, Helena Carvalhao 1998 Master
淺探十九世紀末至二十世紀初澳門華人之葡文教育 check Full Text
薛榮滔 霍啓昌 1998 Master
明末葡國鑄炮業在澳門與中西關係 check Full Text
黃潔嫻 霍啓昌 1998 Master
澳門歷史的轉折點 : 亞馬勒政府 check Full Text
葉志良 霍啟昌 1998 Master
Interrogativas em portugues e em chines : descricao, confronto e aplicacao didactiva check Full Text
Pissarra, Raul Andrade, 1998 Master
Variaveis contextuais da aprendizagem da lingua Portuguesa por aprendentes Chineses check Full Text
Rodrigues, Maria Helena Casteleiro, Joao Malaca 1998 Master

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