UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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澳門女同志的生涯建構之敍事研究 check Full Text
關詠怡 金樹人 2015. Master
Li, Jing 金樹人 2015. Master
官僚制與演藝政策研究 : 以澳門演藝學院音樂學校為例 check Full Text
陳青雲 鄺錦鈞 2015. Master
中國的公共危機管理政策研究 : 以廣東省某市應對 "黑格比" 颱風為例 check Full Text
宗曉旺 鄺錦鈞 2015. Master
明清嶺南儒佛思想與天然函昰 "瞎堂詩集" 研究 = A study on the thought of Buddhism and Confucian during Ming and Qing Dynasties in south of the five ridges : based on master Tianran Hanshi and his Xiatang Anthology check Full Text
符愔暢 鄭德華 2015. Master
"古詩十九首" 體類新論 = A re-classification of Nineteen Old Poems check Full Text
劉一 鄧駿捷 2015. Master
納蘭性德詞中的夢意象探微 : 以顏色詞爲中心 = An analysis of the dream image in Nalan Xingde's Ci:focus on color words check Full Text
許玥 鄧駿捷 2015. Master
敦煌戀情曲子詞研究 = A Study on the love songs in Dunhuang Quzici check Full Text
王義珍 鄧駿捷 2015. Master
從漢字優化角度看通假原則在中日漢字規範化中的應用 = Using "TongJia" principle in the standardization of Chinese and Japanese Character's optimization check Full Text
張軒 鄧景濱 2015. Master
諺語定義研究 : 以澳門諺語為例 = On the definition of proverbs-a case study of Macau's (Proverbs) check Full Text
劉艷明 鄧景濱 2015. Master

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