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納蘭性德詞中的夢意象探微 : 以顏色詞爲中心 = An analysis of the dream image in Nalan Xingde's Ci:focus on color words

English Abstract

Nalan Xingde from the early Qing Dynasty was good at sentimental and lyric-themed ci, which made him be paid close attention by the descendants. This article is on the basis of different styles and characteristics of different colours, classifiedly appreciates, assesses, judges and analyses dream-based images from some Nalan Xinde’s works, in order to explore this master of ci and poetry in early Qing Dynasty, trying to understand his emotions, love, mental process and distinguishing features of his own creation better. The red-styled dream image dedicates in his love from ignorant to the whole process of screeching to germination, and analyses why Lu has such a strong attraction to him; the green-styled deram image dedicates in Nalan’s yearning for Southern China scenery and strong love and respect for the gentleman intersecting relations; the blue-styled image dedicates in the deep reasons of his "very touching" mining "mourning"; the purple-styled dream image dedicates in Nalan’s unique views on immortal God, Buddha and mysterious affairs personality to understand and certain infatuation; the transparent-styled dream image dedicates in exploring Nalan’s orchid eye soul emotion sincere in his spiritual world. In addition, there’s another section of his first love inferences, which main arguments are from the traces of Nalan’s basic works. This article contains several novel ideas, such as tears wet through green clothes - mourning is not against the wife of Lu's early death, but no chance to tie the first object to mourn; and as the argument of Jiangcheng Zi - wet cloud full pressure peak is not low number of antiquity, but expression is communicated with the wife of mind, husband and wife happily beautiful wedding life, at the same time of previous research also supplement and extension.

Chinese Abstract

清朝初期著名詞人納蘭性德以其感傷抒情爲主題的詞而爲後人所關注。本文 以不同顏色所代表的風格特點爲分類依據,對若干首納蘭性德詩詞中“夢”爲主 的意象進行鑒賞、品評與析斷,從中一探這位清初詞壇聖手的情感生活、心路歷 程與創作風格。 紅色型夢意象著眼于納蘭的愛情從懵懂萌發到戛然弭逝的全過程,并分析了 盧氏對他具有如此強烈吸引力的原因;綠色型夢意象著眼納蘭對江南風物的嚮往 及對君子相交的愛重;藍色型夢意象著眼挖掘納蘭詞“哀感頑豔”之“哀”的深 層原因;紫色型夢意象著眼納蘭對仙道神佛及神秘事務的獨特看法、個性理解及 某種迷戀;透明型夢意象則著眼探尋納蘭至純至性的樸拙心靈世界。除此而外, 另附一節推論納蘭的初戀確有其事其人,論據基本來自納蘭作品中的蛛絲馬跡。 本文包含較爲新穎的觀點,如論證《青衫濕遍·悼亡》並非針對妻子盧氏的 早逝,而是悼念無緣連理的初戀對象;又如論證《江城子·濕雲全壓數峰低》不 是詠史懷古,而是表達與愛妻心意相通,伉儷情篤的美好新婚生活,同時對前人 研究亦有所補充與延伸。

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Na Lan, Hsing Te, -- 1655-1685 -- Criticism and interpretation.

納蘭性德, -- 1655-1685 -- 評論及解釋.



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