UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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論"美麗街"與澳門文化氣質 : 澳門副刊文學研究 = A discussion of "Macao Daily.The Beautiful Street" and the Macao culture quality : Macao supplement literature studies
Lyu, Pin 龔剛 2007. Master
論二十世紀九十年代女性"私人化"寫作 = The privatization of female 'personal' writings in the 1990s
張曈 龔剛 2007. Master
論文學表達的新空間 : 博客寫作的文學與文化研究 = The new space of literature expression : literature and culture research of blog
徐婷婷 龔剛 2007. Master
麥淑怡 黃炳文 2007. Master
吳世華 黃榮金 2007. Master
The hybrid real-time simulation system based on the electromechanical transient process simulation of power systems
Zhai, Pei, 韓英鐸 2007. Master
A generalized 3D pulse width modulator for multi-level voltage source inverters in three-phase four-wire power systems check Full Text
Dai, Ning Yi 韓英鐸 2007. Doctoral
Economic valuation of the cultural heritage in Macao
Ma, Ruo Wei, 陳錫僑 2007. Master
張家儀 陳建新 2007. Master
An investigation of relational demography and communication satisfaction
Wu, Jia Jun 陳家慧 2007. Master

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