UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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公務員績效管理研究 : 以稽查部門為個案 check Full Text
嚴飛 林明基 2013 Master
股東代表訴訟當事人制度研究 = Research on the party's system of Shareholder's Representative Action check Full Text
王穎 范劍虹 2013 Master
關於虐待犯罪的理論分析及對中國虐待罪的立法完善意見 = Theoretical analyses on mistreatment criminal act and suggestions on improvement of China's legislation of the crime of abuse check Full Text
潘思宇 趙國強 2013 Master
廣藿香化學成分研究 Chemical study on Pogostemon cablin Li Ping. check Full Text
李萍 張慶文 2013 Master
漢日被動句比較 : 以 "挪威的森林" 為例 = A comparative study of passive sentences between Chinese and Japanese : take Norwegian Wood as an example check Full Text
陳秀芝 王銘宇 2013 Master
漢語諧音換字現象的語用考察 = A new pragmatic usage : changing homophonic morphemes check Full Text
吳越魯 鄧景濱 2013 Master
合作學習教學策略對小學二年級外籍學生認讀中文字的成效之行動研究 check Full Text
鄭佩琪 施達明 2013 Master
葫蘆素B誘導腫瘤細胞DNA損傷導致G2M期細胞週期阻滯 Cucurbitacin B induced DNA damage causes G2M cell cycle arrest in cancer cells Guo Jiajie. check Full Text
郭佳傑 陳修平 2013 Master
黃芪注射液總固形物主要化學成分分析 Chemical analysis of total solids in Radix Astragali (Huangqi) injection Liu Xiaomei. check Full Text
劉曉妹 李紹平 2013 Master
回歸後澳門政府處理勞資關係的研究 check Full Text
李曉青 仇國平 2013 Master

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