UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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"Recording My Life" : affective labor of rural female micro-celebrities on Kuaishou
Dong, Ruo Lin ‪Shih-Diing Liu 2022. Master
"Socialization" of student's achievement goal motivation : the goal adoption and teacher-student relationship check Full Text
Chan, Chi Kei 張凱欣 2015. Master
"Stories of a new Bible" : Ruth Kluger's Holocaust chronicle in Landscapes of Memory
Choi, Ho Leng Timmermans, Glenn Henry 2010. Master
"The Chinese Dream:" : Does it help or hurt China's world image (or soft power)? check Full Text
Li, Li Wang Jianwei 2016. Master
"The Lavatory Scene" in Maxine Hong Kingston's The Woman Warrior : a psychoanalytical interpretation check Full Text
Zhou, Lu, Lucy Appler, Gilbert Keith 2018. Master
"The least you could do is be ashamed of your gender" : a psychoanalytic study of the monstrous representations of gender in Roiland and Harmon's Rick and Morty check Full Text
Su, Hua De Chavez, Jeremy 2022. Master
"Tofu com fungos" : legendagem para portugues de um documentario sobre comida chinesa
Leong, Lai Ieng Gohn, Carlos 2013. Master
"Transferência" ou "Retorno" : uma avaliação das traduções de 回歸 Huíguī na perspectiva da teoria de skopos check Full Text
Cheong, Mio Keng Martins, Custodio Cavaco 2017. Master
"V 動" 述補結構的句法分析與歷時演變 = The syntactic analysis and the diachronic evolution of "V-Dong" verb-complement structure check Full Text
何磊 劉鴻勇 2022. Master
"White", "Black" and "Red" in Chinese and English idioms : a cognitive-linguistic study check Full Text
Hu, Xue Jiao Pang, Kam Yiu 2016. Master

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